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A gateway to embrace your divine magnificence 


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Image by Elisa Stone featuring a yellow butterfly.

Welcome to YBU Now

YBU Now invites you to ponder: YBU Now? Or … Why should you not be your authentic, divine magnificence and embrace your full potential and soar?

In a world where the pressures of conformity and self-doubt can dim our inner light, YBU Now stands as a guiding light to illuminate your path toward self-discovery and empowerment.

Start Your Journey

YBU Now Mindfulness Personal Coaching

YBU Now Personal Coaching is designed to bring out your majestic divine unique beauty as you identify your soul’s purpose, fulfill your desires and fall in love with the life you create.

YBU Now Gathering Place

If you are looking to gather with others to create connections and exchange ideas that stretch the mind including the study of Ontology and ways of being, Mindfulness and maintaining practices that keep us in the present moment and/or Ecology and living in a collaborative abundant world this is the service for you.

The Energy Codes® - Change Your Life by Changing Your Energy Master Classes & Book Study Opportunities

The Energy Codes® are a set of principles and practices you can use in your daily experience to awaken and activate the authentic self and realize deeper states of awareness, vitality, and well-being.

Not sure which would be best for you? Connect with me for a free discovery call!


Pink Butterfly

Through this experience, I learned so much about who I am, my purpose, and unlocked parts of me I didn’t even know existed.


Yellow Butterfly promoting testimonials from YBU Now otherwise known as Yellow Butterfly Universal

“I chose to work with Deb as my coach because I felt like I was in a safe space and trusted her coaching strategies as well as her confidentiality. I felt safe to share the most vulnerable parts of my life with Deb.”


Zebra Butterfly promoting testimonials from YBU Now otherwise known as Yellow Butterfly Universal

Deb supported my thought processes by revoicing my musings and allowing me to hear what I was actually saying about myself. Both my self-awareness and my self-acceptance have increased dramatically through the gentle leading and support from Deb



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